The "Original" Chocolate Factory Tour in Central Florida.          Here's what some guest had to say about Chocolate Kingdom: "What an awesome place. Went in there and did the tour, and I have to say it was very interesting to learn about cocoa. How chocolate is made and how it all started years and years ago. Go take the tour if ever in the area!!!" Tracy M.        "Thank you so much for a wonderful field trip on Thursday for Liberty Christian Academy. We had a great time, learned a lot, and really enjoyed Aileen as our guide." Angel C.        "We just went to the Chocolate Kingdom and thought it was one of our best experiences in Orlando. This is no franchise. This is no tourist rip-off or cheesy waste of time. Our girls had a lot of fun learning about chocolate. The tour is great and the chocolate is amazing but the true treasure is meeting the owner. What a lovely man with a heart sweeter than anything you could eat." Bill B.

About Chocolate Kingdom

In The Beginning...

It all started in 1938 when a young 18 year old Herman Bar decided to leave his home in Graben, Germany to travel to Zurich, Switzerland with the hope of learning the craft of chocolate.

With a degree in hand from the Elite Zukofa Pastry School, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina dreaming of the perfect little chocolateria.

After renting a small marble table in a shared workspace, he began to mold his dream.

Making their Mark...

Forty years later and with the help of his son-in-law Bernie Schaked, Chocolates Bariloche became the largest Chocolate Factory in Argentina running 24 hours a day and employing over 300 people.

The Story Continues...

Bernie Schaked and his wife, Adriana Bar Schaked moved their family to the United States in 1985 with sights set on creating a Chocolate Business of their very own.

After many successful years with a small shop in Miami, Florida, it was their son Edgar, who graduated as a mechanical engineer, that encouraged his father to "think big." With Bernie`s extensive chocolate knowledge and expertise as a Master Chocolatier and Edgar's business savvy and creative vision - there was a magic in the mix.

The Future is Bright...

Together, they opened Schakolad Chocolate Factory, a handmade fresh on premises European-style chocolate business. The community immediately embraced the unique flavors and custom shapes of their creative confections.

The father and son duo decided to share their American Dream with others by franchising the concept.

Today, there are stores throughout the United States and International with plans for continued growth.

Moving into the Kingdom...

As the Schakeds opened more chocolate stores throughout the US, many customers asked about the process of chocolate making. Since their headquarters were already located in Orlando they decided that it would be a perfect location to showcase the intricate process from the Cacao Tree until it becomes a chocolate bar.

Alongside Edgar`s wife, Aileen Mand Schaked and their children, Max and Sophie, they travelled to Chocolate Factories and Museums and Cacao Plantations around the world to understand how others present the story of chocolate.