The "Original" Chocolate Factory Tour in Central Florida.          Here's what some guest had to say about Chocolate Kingdom: "What an awesome place. Went in there and did the tour, and I have to say it was very interesting to learn about cocoa. How chocolate is made and how it all started years and years ago. Go take the tour if ever in the area!!!" Tracy M.        "Thank you so much for a wonderful field trip on Thursday for Liberty Christian Academy. We had a great time, learned a lot, and really enjoyed Aileen as our guide." Angel C.        "We just went to the Chocolate Kingdom and thought it was one of our best experiences in Orlando. This is no franchise. This is no tourist rip-off or cheesy waste of time. Our girls had a lot of fun learning about chocolate. The tour is great and the chocolate is amazing but the true treasure is meeting the owner. What a lovely man with a heart sweeter than anything you could eat." Bill B.


The Chocolate Kingdom was created as a way for chocoholics of all ages to truly become a part of the chocolate experience in an interactive and entertaining learning environment.

It is the hope of the Chocolate Kingdom that each guest leave with a greater awareness, a true appreciation, some unexpected knowledge and perhaps even a sense of awe about a food that has been referred to for thousands of years as "The Food of the Gods."